Saturday, February 6, 2010

The New Year Parade

I often wonder what the true “Independent film” should be about.  However after watching “The New Year Parade”, I realized this is exactly what and “indie” movie is supposed to be. The story develops around the Philadelphia's colorful Mummers' Parade. The story is an honest, non-corny, unsentimental portrait of 21st-century divorce in "The New Year Parade." The film was the winner of the Slamdance grand jury prize 2008. It is Tom Quinn's first feature combines non-professional actors with hundreds of actual marching band participants to yield an almost documentary-like look at this family. At first it takes time to get used to the film, it has a different pace and the cast doesn’t include any the typical cool, hip, cute actors. Quinn possesses a strong artistic sensibility and the confidence to build his story around intimate, sometimes mundane life moments as opposed to melodrama. The story is about two siblings, Jack and Kat struggling with their parents’ separation. I highly recommend this film.

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  1. Thanks for spreading the word Gabe! I'm glad you enjoyed the film : )