Sunday, September 28, 2014

Gloria 2014

A Chilean film directed by Sebastian Leilo about a middle age woman and her quest to combat her solitude and find a mature relationship. It is a film that vividly describes the difficulties of dating and survaving when a woman reaches her 50's and 60's. Highly recommended.

Mademoiselle 1966

Mademoiselle is a French - British drama film directed by Tony Richardson. The dark drama won a BAFTA award and nomination. The cast includes the beautiful and talented Jean Moreau who plays a teacher with pyromaniac inclinations. The story is a dark comedy about deranged love with fatal results.

This is Where I Leave You 2014

 Great Comedy with a fantastic cast including Jane Fonda that looks amazing. Funny and entertaining.

Mademoiselle C 2013

A great documentary about the great stylist and editor Carine Roitfeld, cameos from Karl Lagerfeld and Tom Ford. Totally cool.

Simon and The Oaks 2011

Great Swedish Drama about growing up in Sweden during Second World War and being Jewish. Highly recommend.