Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Girlfriend Experience

I watched another cool film by Steven Soderbergh, who has brought films like “Sex, Lies and Videotape”, “Traffic”, “Full Frontal” and many others, some not so good by the way. The Girlfriend Experience”, his new movie was shot-with-the-4K-Red-digital-camera, and an adult-actress in the lead role. It is largely improvised drama about the life of a New York escort.

A lot of expectation was created when Soderbergh announced this film, and even more was made when he cast adult actress (the polite euphemism for 'porn star,' and that itself a polite euphemism for 'someone who has sex on-camera for money') Sasha Grey in the lead role as a Manhattan call girl who offers not just rushed release but the more refined "girlfriend experience", elegant hotel rooms, fine restaurants, as we see in the opener, fine red wine and Marc Jacobs black dresses, soft kisses and small talk, and many more things, an experience that goes far beyond sex. And yet still includes it.

The film touches deeply on the subject of human relations and how deteriorated they could be. The option for these guys instead of having a “girlfriend” is better for them to actually pay for one. You can see her as frequently as you want, no problems, no commitment, a girlfriend that is a great listener. No tiresome emotions of possession. At the same time the “girlfriend escort” has a real life relationship with a good looking guy that is a “gym trainer”. This guy is kind of nice and just like his girlfriend he is in constant search of how to make more money. He has expectations about the relationship and is committed to it, and he seems to be comfortable with his girlfriend’s line of work. She appears to have more patience and dedication to her clients than to her real relationship.

The situation crashes when she wants to get involved with one of her clients, everything begins to fall apart, which confirms the premise, the conflict of everyday coupling and living together. Very poignant and discusses sex in a real sense.

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