Sunday, January 31, 2010

Good Dick

I try to order not so well known “indie” movies from Netflix, this time I was pleasantly surprise with “Good Dick” a movie presented at Sundance in 2008. This film is from first time writer/director Marianna Palka.  The film stars Palka, Jason Ritter, Martin Star and Tom Arnold. 

“Good Dick” is about an unnamed guy (Ritter) and girl (Palka) caught in an unconventional romance.  He is a recently homeless video store clerk, presumably recovering from an addiction problem, who is fascinated by the weird, withdrawn, aloof sexual mess of a girl. She frequents the video store in search of soft-core porn.  Her character develops slowly and you begin to realize what a mess and how emotionally wounded she really is. As he desperately tries to invade her world, he drifts farther away from his friends and fellow store clerks who want nothing but the best for him.

I think I understand his motivation to relentlessly pursue her in spite of her horrible insults to him. He is fucked up himself to consider that as his only option, however it makes him feel useful. I enjoyed the film.  It’s definitely a different kind of romantic movie, the characters are not attractive. 

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