Sunday, November 9, 2014

Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion 1970

An absolute masterpiece by Italian director Elio Petri. A political thriller that denounces the power driven class in Italy in the late 60's. The film is the story of the chief police officer that sees himself above the law, He murdered his lover played by the the stunning Florinda Bolkan. He plays this game about leaving cues for the investigators about the fact that he committed the murder, however the investigators are oblivious to this and refuse to believe he is even suspicious.  The officer has a fascist discourse that he communicates to his subordinates in a great scene when he is giving them a speech, reminding us of a young Mussolini. The great thing about the film is that within a few exceptions the film is still fresh and unfortunately the problems of the ruling class in power is still the same no matter where you go. Actor Jean Marie Volonte that plays the police chief gives an amazing performance.

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