Monday, December 31, 2012

1. Moonrise Kingdom

It is difficult to be impartial in regards to Wes Anderson’s films, being a huge fan of his work.  Several critics think that everything Wes Anderson has ever done has been leading to this film. It's the most precise, mannered and art-directed movie that's come along in quite some time, the camera work is amazing and it has become his personal signature, this will make your head explode. Sure, this deliciously quirky film had a good profile as Wes Anderson continued to entice every star in Hollywood into making his quirky, not-so-little films. The characters are sort gooey, syrupy delight from the first frame until the last.  I felt I have met some of these kids before. “Moonrise Kingdom” proves that you can be playful and fantastic while expressing deep sentiment at the same time.  The film is timeless and ironic without ever being post-modern.

“Moonrise Kingdom” covers the usual ground of a Wes Anderson film, repressed angst and/or dysfunctional families, but combines those elements with the youthful playfulness of “Fantastic Mr. Fox”. Aside from being visually gorgeous in terms of photography and cinematography, the film has a Mise-en-scéne that is at once stunningly sophisticated and hilariously funny. Almost all of the shots contain some kind of visual gag, symbolism or iconography. Strip away the sharp dialogue and hauntingly beautiful soundtrack, and you’d still be left with a film that tells a funny and interesting story through visuals alone.

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