Thursday, December 29, 2011

2. Moneyball

I have to say I really loved this movie. It was very inspiring to me. At first, I was a bit skeptical about Brad Pitt. After I saw it my opinion changed, he was really good, this was a role made for him.
Inevitably, I had to make the comparison to the world of architecture, this parallel dialogue with a discipline like architecture makes a lot of sense, and it was sad to realize that baseball is far advance in so many ways that architecture is and should be. The story of a guy that has the vision of change, understands the game, but comes to the understanding that the old standards have to be questions. The main character has to negotiate with old guys that understand the “classic ways” of making choices, qualifying people and understanding the game.
Billy Beane, the character’s name, is the provocative general manager of the Oakland Athletics whose unconventional ideas about what a team with limited resources could do to compete with profligate powerhouses like the New York Yankees continue to infuriate the sport's traditionalists. Billy finds a young guy that uses technology as a way qualify a player based on parametric statistics. He begins to trust this criteria and this takes him to challenge everything he has known so far and is familiar with, but knows that there is something there. He goes after in a strong way. The fantastic combination of experience, intuition and technology, this sounds very familiar. The film is inspiring in a way that we have to understands that thing need to change if we want to continue being relevant. I find myself just like Billy dealing with “young-old guys” that believe things can’t change.
I highly recommend this film.

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